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Adopting from Viet Nam

This Families with Children from Vietnam (FCV) website provides you with connections to other adoptive families - adoption status, contact information, chapters - and their photographs and stories. Use this site to contact other parents and prosepctive parents, join a local FCV chapter, be inspired by adoption stories and our children's pictures.

Four additional resources provides exceptional information on adoption from Vietnam.

Adopt Vietnam is the companion information website to FCV. It provides the detailed guide to adopting from Vietnam.

Chao Ban Newsletter is a quarterly print newsletter with up-to-date information on Vietnamese culture, raising our children, and adoption/Vietnamese news. It provides relevant information and resources that adoptive families can use today.

Comeunity website provides hundreds of pages on more general adoption issues, such as adoption health, adoption books, travel, stories, poetry, and guidance.

Adoptive Parents of Vietnam (APV) email support list allows for communication among FCV families, adoption professionals and others on adoption, parenting and cultural information.

Adopt Vietnam

Here are a few highlights of this Vietnam Adoption guide:

Books about Vietnam Adoption and Vietnam

The Vietnam Adoption Community

Traveling to Viet Nam

Adopting from Vietnam

Selecting An Agency

Procedures and Paperwork for Adopting

Health Issues

Parenting and Post Adoption

Vietnam & Culture

Adoption Stories

Family Websites

1975 Operation Babylift

How You Can Help - Humanitarian Aid to Viet Nam

Chao Ban Newsletter

Vietnam adoption newsletter subscriptions and sample articles:

How to Subscribe

A Guide to Vietnam Province Adoption Forums

Mommy, Why Don't I Look Like You?
(Adoptive parenting advice)

Banh Trung Banh Day
(Vietnamese story for Tet, the Vietnamese New Year)


Here are a few highlights of this huge reknowned adoption website:

Adoption Books
Huge collection of reviews of the best books on adoption - how to adopt, parenting guidance, adoption from various countries, adoption stories, and more.

Infertility and the Adoption Journey

Medical and Health for International Adoption

Special Needs Adoption

The Crises and Rewards Related to Adopting Boys

Adoption Articles - Talking About Adoption

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