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Tet Vietnamese New Year

In 2007, Tet will be on February 18. It will be the year of the Pig. It is also the end of a 12 year cycle. The national holiday lasts for three days. However, in practice it can be longer, as many celebrations occur before this date in the south of Viet Nam and after this date in the north of Viet Nam.

Tet dates for upcoming years are: Rat 2008 February 7, Buffalo 2009 January 26, Tiger 2010 February 14, Cat 2011 February 3, Dragon 2012 January 23, Snake 2013 February 10, Horse 2014 January 31, Goat 2015 February 19, Monkey 2016 February 8, Rooster 2017 January 28, Dog 2018 February 16, Pig 2019 February 5.

Tet the Vietnamese New Year

Here is a wealth of information on Tet. You can view photographs of Tet celebrations in Vietnam and Canada. Read about Vietnamese preparations and features of Tet, learn ways adoptive families can share in this special holiday, and download activities and crafts for Tet.

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